Gound Zero Mosque…Now The President Owns The Outcomes – The Good, Bad & Ugly

Jim Schubert – CoreReport.com Well my fellow Americans, this is truly a sad day for our great Free Nation. Our commander in chief has sold us out to his ideology. Furthermore, it’s official; the highly controversial “9/11 Ground Zero Mosque” is now Obama’s Mosque as well as the entire democratic party, progressives and the Obama mania media networks. None of them will escape the public back-lash resulting from this outrageous act of  anti-Americanism.

Is this really an act of bridging and healing relationships or pure defiance. The  original name for this mosque was to be called The Cordoba House (do the research on this name)but after so much backlash, they changed it to a more acceptable, NY Style American name…now it’s Park 51 Community. The majority of Americans are opposed to building this mosque so close to Ground Zero, for many obvious reasons. Again, we’re not opposed to building a mosque – just Not On Hallowed Ground. Check this out,  a recent  CNN Poll taken just this week states that nearly 70% oppose it ( Fact Check Here – CNN Poll 081110 – refer to Q# 41). Further evidence that there is more to this than outreach, after a “bridge building” attempt by some to meet with the mosque building committee to discuss searching and selecting an alternative sight was flat-out ignored and subsequently denied.

Since announcing his endorsement of the mosque last night at the White House Ramadan kick-off dinner – Obama, shrouded in our Constitution said this in an attempt to align patriotic Americans with his ideology … “But time and again, the American people have demonstrated that we can work through these issues, and stay true to our core values, and emerge stronger for it. So it must be — and will be — today”. Is that an order Mr. President? Kind of feels like you are lecturing the American people on how to be patriotic. A simple statement as to the inappropriateness of the site and a shout-out to encourage an alternative location could have gone a long way.

Like others who are intent on bringing America down, our president has shielded himself with our very own US Constitution and in the name of Freedom of Religion made a strong appeal to support the building of this mosque just two blocks from the 9/11 terrorism grave sight.

Arial Photo showing proximity to Ground Zero – proposed mosque site outlined in red.

While it (May Be) constitutionally legal, perhaps the President of the United States of America could have at least condemned the insensitivity of this provocative act and held fast to the concept that the greatest act of respect, compassion and bridge-building with the Muslim community would be to relocate it.  In fact, the mosque was originally proposed for another site away from ground zero but was later moved to its currently proposed location – less than a 9-iron away. To all the families impacted by this act of terror, we are very sorry.

What to do with those who use our freedoms to harm us? How do we protect ourselves from enemies who use us and abuse our laws to do the opposite of the original laws’ intent? Yes, these are big questions concerning known enemies from outside our borders, much less enemies from within.

One thing is for sure, from this point forward all things Ground Zero Mosque and all that evolves from it will be identified with and owned by  the President, the democratic party, progressives and all the media networks that are sold out to this administration. With the November elections just around the corner, timing will be everything and such a time is this for America to take back the leadership of our great nation before its too late.

So, as the controversial imam responsible for driving the “Cordoba Initiative” the mosque takes off on an All Expenses Paid by the American Tax Payer Sojourn around the world on a “bridge-building” effort and raising funds  for the estimated $100 Million construction costs for this Mosque  – he must be thrilled knowing that our President, Barrack Hussein Obama has his back.

Watch Speech Here:

This pretty much sums it up. Perhaps our own commander in chief should have made this speech instead:

Ground Zero Mosque Imam Claims America Already a Sharia Compliant State:

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