UPDATE: Navy halts move to allow ‘gay’ unions by chaplains

AP/OneNewsNow.com 05/11/11 WASHINGTON – The Navy has reversed its decision that would have allowed chaplains to be trained about performing same-sex unions if the Pentagon recognizes openly homosexual military service later this year.

The Navy issued a one-sentence memo saying its earlier decision has been suspended and will undergo more thorough legal review.

The initial decision would have allowed Navy chaplains to receive training on performing civil unions on military bases, but only in states where same-gender “marriage” is legal.

Some lawmakers in the House objected to the Navy’s initial ruling. Republican Todd Akin of Missouri, in a letter co-signed by 62 other House members, says using military chapels and personnel for same-sex marriages would violate the Defense of Marriage Act, under which the federal government only recognizes marriage between a man and a woman. “It’s still on the books — and it’s still in effect,” he says of DOMA.


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