Gov. Rick Perry Continues With Prayer Event Plans, Says He Wants ‘God’s Will to Be Done’

07/16/11 -  A group of Texas atheists may be suing to stop Gov. Rick Perry’s involvement in “The Response,” an upcoming day of prayer and fasting, but their efforts have done little to shake the Republican politician’s faith and determination. Perry is sticking by his original plans to be involved in the massive Christian event on August 6 at Houston’s Reliant Stadium. On Thursday, he appeared on “Today’s Issues,” a program on the American Family Radio Network, to reiterate the gathering’s spiritual importance.

According to CBN News’ The Brody Report, Perry told hosts Tony Perkins and Tim Wildmon that the prayer event will be about asking God to forgive all of us “for the sins that we have committed.” When asked what he wants the event to accomplish, he says he wants “God’s will to be done.”

Perry‘s statements don’t just apply to the general public; he believes they apply to him as well, explaining that he wants, “God helping me, guiding me, giving me direction.” Below, listen to the complete interview:


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