Divine Draft

Friends, your country needs you, your heart, mind and soul to stand in the gap for the greatest free nation on earth that ever was and will ever be.

We are at a critical crossroads here and we need all hands on deck to preserve America’s Constitution, Freedoms and our calling as One Nation Under God. Perhaps a more accurate analogy is that we are in the crosshairs of an enemy that is Anti-American, Anti-Family and ultimately Anti-God.

For decades our government has been slowly and systematically dismantling America’s Christian, Biblically Framed Heritage & Foundations. In our schools, public buildings, media, government, courts, etc. the battle wages on to remove God from America.

The Divine Draft™ is a Core Media Network initiative to reclaim our Christian Heritage and Keep America Free as One Nation Under God. If you are interested in joining our Divine draft to preserve America as a symbol of Freedom as originally intended by God – to be the bright beacon on a hill and a witness to the world, Sign-up here to receive updates on our official launch and marching orders: